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The Bite-Sized Baker’s Adventures – Barcelona, Spain

Okay, I could literally talk about this trip for the rest of my life… and chances are I will! But to spare you all the agony I’ve limited it to a couple of posts for each city we visited while in Europe! The first city we visited was Barcelona, where we spent the majority of our time… So maybe two posts for Barcelona!

While in Barcelona, we stayed at the Hotel Arts Barcelona, the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever stepped foot in… Even their water was pretty and infused with different citrus fruits! Every day there is a club level that offers a spread of assorted meats, cheeses, fruit, parfaits, ceviche, salads, breads, croissants, tea, coffee, lattes, champagne, wine, beer, everything you could ask for… And all of the food was perfectly styled and displayed, I felt like I was in a food-blogger’s dream- I could live in that hotel… But what would a trip be if you stayed in your hotel all day?!



Since we spent a lot of time in Barcelona we saw A LOT. We visited Gaudi’s house (which reminded me of alien pods), walked around Las Ramblas, visited the Cathedral La Seu, the Gothic Quarter, La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, La Boqueria (a food lover’s dream), watched the Barcelona vs. Real Madrid game, and tried countless of delicious restaurants!

For a sneak peek check below and to see even more pictures check out The Bite-Sized Baker’s Facebook page.


6 comments on “The Bite-Sized Baker’s Adventures – Barcelona, Spain

  1. that looks amazing! i’m so envious

  2. Live the pics! So jelly

  3. Beautiful _ I am so glad you enjoyed your trip

  4. Wow – amaze! I can’t wait to see/hear about the rest of your trip!

  5. Definitely in love with all the delicious recipes you have here but I’m also loving this adventure section you have! So many great places you’ve been able to travel to!

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