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The Bite-Sized Baker’s Adventures – Aix en Provence, France

While visiting Europe I met Tony’s extended family who speak French and know very little English… I know one phrase in French, “I don’t know.”



Throughout the trip, they kept telling Tony how I “am always smiling,” which, little do they know is because I don’t understand a word they are saying and I just smile and nod whenever someone looks in my direction… It seems to work.



Our first destination after Barcelona was Toulon, France; a cute little coastal town in the south of France. We drove through the countryside and stopped off in the beautiful towns of Bandols, Aix en Provence, and Marseille where we visited the Notre Dame, and had a beautiful view of the city. After visitng Marseille, we took a short drive to Aix en Provence. Aix en Provence is a charming little city but our visit wasn’t the most… pleasant? Tony’s family is a lot like mine in the sense that it is confusing and hectic when everyone comes together… Especially when everyone is hungry.


We made the mistake of visiting Provence on a Sunday when the French take a holiday. Everywhere we went was closed and/or could not serve us all within the next few hours. We decided to split up to find something to eat and everyone ended up getting caught in a downpour and not finding any food. Tony and I found shelter from the rain in a small café and the waitress took 30 minutes to bring us our coffees. We tried to put on our happy face but let’s be real… we need food.



We met up with the rest of the family, who had the same luck as us, to drive back to Toulon in a grumpy, wet state. As we drove back the sun started coming out and we drove through the city of Bandols. There were beautiful sailboats, shopping, cafes, and gelatterias—everything we had been looking for in Provence! We were all kicking ourselves for driving hours out of the way to end up with nothing when we had originally drove through such a great little city!


Fortunately, Tony’s dad saved the day and made our car stop immediately so that everyone could get off and get some gelato. I got tiramisu gelato, Ferrero Rochero gelato, and Salted Butter Caramel gelato. It was unreal. And this wasn’t even Italy! The gelato made everyone seem to forget we were wet, grumpy, and hungry too!


Fact: Gelato can solve any solution.

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  1. So enjoying your travelog and living vicariously!

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