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La Vita In Italia

Well, guys, I’ve officially survived my first week in Florence and I’m not ready to move home yet! Major accomplishment in my eyes.

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I am not going to lie, the adjustment of moving to a foreign country is slightly more shocking than I originally anticipated. But then again, I was still in denial that we were actually moving until we landed in Italy. Yes, I expected the major things like the language barrier, time change, cultural differences, climbing 83 steps to get to my apartment, and different electrical voltages, which I’ve done an OK job adjusting to (learning Italian isn’t a walk in the park!)… But in all honestly, it’s been the tiniest, perhaps most vain, adjustments that have put me in a tizzy.

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My first major freak out occurred when I went to the grocery store. Tony and I didn’t really have a plan when we walked in, but my hangover from the night before kicked in immediately. I was just walking down every aisle looking for organic products SANS gluten that I felt comfortable eating, 2% milk, Advil, and a pasta sauce that I didn’t have to cook from scratch. Fortunately, we found a few organic products at that grocery store and a lovely woman helped us choose our milk. Unfortunately for my hangover, I found nothing that resembled Advil and the only pasta sauce to be found was a 16-ounce can of Barilla. I guess everyone makes their own, which I’m not going to complain about, it’s just different! And maybe this is the hangover talking again, but I got in such a funk because I couldn’t eat Chipotle and when I looked for Haas avocados to make guacamole of my own all I found were an Israeli variety. But enough about the grocery store.


My next major freak out was at the nail salon. It wasn’t as much as a freak out as a silent pledge that I will be sticking to DIY manicures from now on and saving quite a few euros on mani/pedis while I live here. Again, not complaining, saving money is always good!


I don’t want to sound ungrateful and let’s give me credit, I did preface this rant as “vain,” but these are just a few things that smacked me in the face in the short week I’ve lived here. I am very excited about this adventure and I can’t wait to get into the swing of things, especially now that all my kitchen supplies and equipment have finally arrived! In the last week, Tony, Louie, and I have spent more time outside and exploring than ever, walked up at least 8,000 steps going to our apartment, shared some amazing meals, wine, and gelato (of course), and my Italian has already improved significantly. Eventually, when we finish unpacking all of our belongings and decorating the apartment, I’ll post pictures of our new place as well as some new recipes, but until then– Ciao!

7 comments on “La Vita In Italia

  1. Vive bene e bella fortuna bella! Wish it was me al Italia!

  2. Vive bene e buona fortuna bella! Wish it was me al Italia!

  3. Claire I LOVE this!!! We will discuss in Italian next week ;)))

  4. Having grown up in Europe I can picture all you’ve done & I am smiling!
    Enjoy even the frustrating moments….
    Wishing I could be there!!
    Ciao Bella

  5. The benefits of living in an amazing city such as Florence way outweigh the downside 10 times over! I think the traffic and not being able to drive in town or find parking would be my major frustration :(. I love, love the grocery stores and food markets there. You’ll get the hang of it!

  6. It will get better, I promise! My company moved me from Los Angeles to Tokyo (by myself, no significant other; didn’t speak Japanese) a year and a half ago and there have been a lot of ups and downs. But you’ll learn how to adapt to what’s available and the day to day won’t take so much energy eventually. Ganbatte kudasai!

  7. Did Louie get his nails done also?

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